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One thing is certain and that is when you are looking for an interior designer it is intimidating. I know what you are looking for, a lovely home reflecting who you are and add that WOW factor. It does not matter what your profession, from a homemaker, entrepreneur, artist, writer or factory employee, I can help you.

Things I always hear from my clients is, “I adore my new colour scheme”, I can’t believe this is my old space”, “I can’t believe how
great this room makes me feel”

I help you avoid costly mistakes and hiring me I assure you I have the ability to understand your need for perfection and harmonious beauty. My work will capture your design needs and personality to own a masterpiece that literally GETS YOU!

I am exceptionally detail oriented and I see what a space would look like when completed long before I even started. I have the training and professional expertise to consider the function and form of spaces before I start to make sure I capture it all.

Hear what some of my satisfied clients say about my work:

Peter Compton

“Jen is a gem that is something I need to say. She transformed casino uzmanı office in a way I did not know possible. It is true what she says, she knows how to capture a person’s personality to reflect in their personal spaces!”

Sam Michaels

“Jen helped me to spend my money effectively and I could not have asked for a better interior designer how knows what she is doing while keeping within my budget. We will definetely ask her idea in our new office for online bahis European operations”

Lorna Voss

“You took all the frustration out of me and walking into my new designer apartment feels great. Thank you JEN, you are a jewel, and my only regret is that I do not have another space to recreate as I love watching you transform spaces into something out of this world”

“I did not know how to transform my loft and if it wasn’t for Jenny, I probably would have ended up spending thousands and still be dissatisfied. You are one of a kind for sure!”

Mandy Gibson

“My farmhouse was something even my close friends and family did not regard as very nice to live in. after Jenny took hold of it, assessed my needs, budget and personality I can now also walk into a designer home with people complimenting me on my excellent taste and décor. What a woman!!”

Chantelle Besting

“Jen my children’s bedrooms are gorgeous and my own….well what can I say, I feel like a queen in my beautiful sanctuary. Thank you so much, you are a gem!”