New Trends for 2017

Design lovers will love the trend report of 2017 with its delightful choices while also ditching outdated
trends and remain “IN”. Include some of these trends into your interiors:

Open Plan Living Trends

You might be surprised after so many years of open plan living that it will be coming to an end this year. Home owners seek privacy and you will find the latest trend is defined living spaces. For a long time now everybody lived with open plan areas that incorporated dining, living, kitchen and often study’s too. Problems such as too much noise and permeating cooking smells and untidy spaces cause the return of defined spaces.

Bathroom Trends for 2017 and 2018

Natural materials combinations are what you could expect in 2017 to mark new, functional, natural and organic. Expect simple and practical
arranged spaces, seamless lines, clean colours and dashes of elegance and organics.


Continuity is a huge trend to have a classy and stylish atmosphere with masonry aesthetic and straight lines. Making live simple and pleasant by using materials that fits easily and maintains easily.

Bold Combinations

Make use of organic and modern to create style and dynamic atmosphere at once. Do not fear to use stone and wood with synthetics in your bathroom design and décor this year for modern hominess.


Plants are big this year with living, green plants for bathroom ambience.

Organics and timeless materials

Nature is always best as seen again in this bathroom trend. Gorgeous oak to decorate bathrooms is a trend to stay to add warmth and uniqueness.

Cement Tiles

Grey is the new bathroom colour with cement tiles as natural material a huge trend. No more high shine, bright tiles, but nude, neutral and matte.

Top Home Décor Predictions and trends in 2017 & 2018

  • Bees – an incredibly popular décor embellishment
  • Guitar straps – use it as trim, pillow straps, tie backs and more
  • Floral – huge floral come back to bring the outdoors back inside
  • Tassels – even though it has been a staple of décor and nothing new unique and larger styles are sure to pop up.
  • Pom Poms – add fun and endless ideas with pillow cases, blankets and pillows
  • Coral – coral shaped accessories are huge with magnificent ocean inspired shapes
  • Patches – you will find it in custom upholstery, blankets, linens and towels
  • Mismatching – miss matched décor for eclectic feel is coming back
  • Emoji’s – it will pop up in pillows, wall papers and decals this year
  • Eyelet – watch for it in drapes and linens this year