Furniture designs

Latest Designs

Looking at the latest deigns and trends in furniture I have to admit that I am thrilled with the latest designs from top designers around the world. To use a perfect example I refer to Joynout an Italian designer who designed the latest minimalist lounger. It is called the Daydream and all it is, is an X shaped lounger with the legs up and back straight allowing you to relax at inclined position. It is an inspiration from the symbol Infinity and would look great I any lounge corner or bedroom or study even though it definitely is not meant for working purposes.

Takayoshi Kitagawa’s parabolic shaped shelves is another great trend and is easily replicated too. Unlike a regular shelf that rests on the floor and seldom reaching the ceiling, the parabolic comes from the ceiling and the shapes are ultra-modern and clean lines throughout. It would look great regardless of where you place it although my suggestion would be as centrepiece in living rooms and dining rooms too. Even studies would look awesome with these parabolic shelving.

Sofa Choices and Trends

Any small living room can still have the illusion of space when you plan and have the right interior design. The best suggestion is a great sofa and a top choice to consider is sectional couches. You have a huge amount of latest designs to choose from for example small leather sectional or L – Shaped which works great ignored corners in a small lounge area. Something else that an L- shaped is great for is the extra sleeping space for overnight visitors even when you have limited space available.

Living rooms with limited space could still be inviting and appealing and you do not have to fear overcrowding when you choose the best sofa with a minimalistic approach.

Great Folding Table Designs

Everybody and anybody has a table or ten in their home and what I love about the latest designs in tables is the incorporation of folding tables which is a massive trend. Nobody questions the uses for tables, however many simply do not have adequate space for an extra table while some designs even act as additional seating space too. What is more is the fact that some fold into desired table sizes too.

They are available in various styles, colour and materials making them ideal regardless of space. Wood folding tables are very convenient to use in and outdoors from living rooms, dining room bedroom and studies too. Something many neglect is additional space in laundry rooms and when installed against a wall in the space laundry room space you have excellent opportunity for a wall mounted folding table.

Awesome Armoire Designs

I know you know or call an armoire a wardrobe something which we all use in our homes but predominantly in bedrooms though. What I want to share is the latest trend to use armoires in various areas in your home aside from the bedroom to organize and store clothes and shoes.

Modern design allow you to have an armoire in every room and space in your home when you choose wisely. Anything you want to keep out of sight needs a stylish armoire for sure. A modern armoire is great for use in dining rooms for storing precious china and gorgeous crystal as the design options, material combinations and colour tones are massive.

It works great in offices to store important books and files which could often be an untidy business and much better looking than traditional steel filing cabinets. Corner armoire works excellent when you want to conserve space and exceptionally good for small bedrooms, offices, and living works well when you have gaming consoles and games always laying around in your living room and even doubles as TV cabinet.

Choosing a small armoire you can literally place it anywhere. Use it in hallways for linen storage, in the kitchen to double as pantry, in your entryway to create a lovely focal point while it acts as a coat closet and even bathrooms for storing bathroom essentials and towels too. When you choose right it could be a focal point in a living room to add elegance and character.
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