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A home is much more than a sanctuary as it is where memories are built, where you foster intimate relationships and personal growth. The home is where the heart is and an interior designer aims to enhance your quality of life with intentional design that suits your lifestyle and tastes.

I welcome you to Mesbah Furniture, my name is Jenny Potter, a professionally trained Interior Designer. For over fifteen years have I helped clients achieve their dream environments through intentional and beautiful design.

My love for beautiful things started from a very early age even when I was still at home with school friends always complimenting me on my gorgeous room, which I decorated from literally nothing. Small accents and changes to my existing décor and you would have found me browsing at market stalls looking for ways to enhance my personal space with little money.

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New Trends for 2017


Furniture designs

A handmade furniture made with passion for people with passion

Latest Designs

Looking at the latest deigns and trends in furniture I have to admit that I am thrilled with the latest designs from top designers around the world. To use a perfect example I refer to Joynout an Italian designer who designed the latest minimalist lounger.

It is called the Daydream and all it is, is an X shaped lounger with the legs up and back straight allowing you to relax at inclined position. It is an inspiration from the symbol Infinity and would look great I any lounge corner or bedroom or study even though it definitely is not meant for working purposes.

Sofa Choices and Trends

Any small living room can still have the illusion of space when you plan and have the right interior design. The best suggestion is a great sofa and a top choice to consider is sectional couches.

You have a huge amount of latest designs to choose from for example small leather sectional or L – Shaped which works great ignored corners in a small lounge area. Something else that an L- shaped is great for is the extra sleeping space for overnight visitors even when you have limited space available.

Mesbah Furniture

I always knew I would become an interior designer and through the years my passion for beautiful harmonious homes increased. My ultimate goal is creating spaces beyond a client’s wildest dream with a killer vibe.

What I do is take your family needs, design preferences and home layout and create a space that is uplifting and take you to a place beyond imagination.

When I take on a project I make sure that the home feels the way it looks. I want you to have a feeling of wonder that this beautiful space I created has a WOW factor. I need you to say “I cannot believe I actually own this beautiful home!”